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Kagero Spanish Air Force During World War II

Kagero Spanish Air Force During World War II
Kagero Spanish Air Force During World War II
Kagero Spanish Air Force During World War II
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Continuing with the study of the lesser known Air Forces that fought in the skies of Europe during World War II, in this book we want to remember the Spanish Air Force and how it defended the Spanish skies from several Air Forces that took part in the war. Besides we can read about the Blue Squadrons that fought against the Soviet Air Force in the Eastern Front in spite of the Spanish neutrality.
We have written a text that will show us the bravery and courage of these men, in a difficult balance between the Allies and the Axis that allowed to General Franco continue in his position as chief of the Spanish state after the World War 2. We want to compile in a didactic way but without academic intention, the information about this topic from various main sources such as Juan Arráez Cerdá, José Luis González Serrano, Carlos Caballero, Francisco Martínez Canales or Jorge Fernández-Coppel, trying to focus on the Spanish Air Force actions during the world conflict defending the Spanish neutrality and in the Blue Squadrons actions against the USSR.
Finally as is required we use this work to pay tribute to all the members of the Spanish Air Force that fought for their country during the difficult years of World War II.
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