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Kagero The Italian Submarine Scirè 1938-1942

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11 350 Ft
She was named after the Ethiopian region, where there was a battle between the Italian and Abyssinian troops during the war in Ethiopia in 1936. She was laid down by the Italian shipbuilder “Odero-Terni-Orlando (OTO)”, in La Spezia, on January 30, 1937. She was launched on January 6, 1938 and was commissioned into “Regia Marina” on April 25, 1938. During the war, she was modified to carry three mini submarines (SLCs). Actually she is one of the most famous submarines in the world due to the missions to Gibraltar and Alexandria.The Adua class submarine was the fourth sub-class of the 600 Series of coastal submarines built for Regia Marina during the 1930s. There were 17 submarines in this class, almost all named after places in Ethiopia which had been an Italian colony since 1936. Only one, Alagi, survived World War II.
The 600 Series were designed as coastal-type submarines, built for service in the Mediterranean. They were built to conform to the interwar naval treaties arising from the 1922 Washington and 1930 London conferences, which placed restrictions on the number and size of warships of various types that nations could built. The coastal submarine was limited to a 600 tons surface displacement, though there was no limit placed on the numbers of these vessels that could be built.
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